Fluorescein angiography is an eye test
that uses a dye to illuminate areas of
the retina and can help determine a
diagnosis of a macular pucker.

Diagnosis of Macular Pucker

How will my ophthalmologist find a Macular Pucker?

Your eye care specialist will dilate your pupils so that s/he can examine your retina. Your retina surgeon may use a test called fluorescein angiography that uses dye to illuminate areas of the retina.

Or your ophthalmologist may use optical coherence tomography (OCT) to make an accurate macular pucker diagnosis. With OCT, your doctor uses a special camera to scan your retina. It measures the retina's thickness and detects even small amounts of swelling and fluid. OCT can also diagnose macular abnormalities that are too small to be seen in an examination or with angiography.

Fluorescein Angiography Photo Credit: National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health