In most cases, you will not notice
a vitreous detachment.
Otherwise, you may see an
increase in floaters.

Symptoms of a Vitreous Detachment

In most cases, either you will not notice a vitreous detachment, or you will simply find it annoying because you will see floaters. These floaters are the tiny shadows cast on the retina by bits of vitreous that have broken away. They usually appear as little "cobwebs" or specks that seem to float about in your field of vision. If you try to look at these shadows they seem quickly to dart out of the way.

If you notice a sudden increase in floaters and/or flashes of light in your side (peripheral) vision, contact Retina Vitreous Associates immediately immediately.

Your board-certified retina surgeon will use a comprehensive dilated eye exam to ensure that what you are experiencing is not a more serious, sight-threatening condition, such as a detached retina. Early treatment by a retina specialist can help prevent vision loss.